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African diaspora

— January 16, 2020

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Mrs. Mary Romney-Schaab and Mr. Philip Schaab are longtime friends of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library. Mrs. Mary Romney-Schaab is born and raised in the United States, but her parents and ancestors are from Sint Maarten.
African diaspora
In 2012 the couple started to donate books to the library that can fill in the gap in our collective knowledge about the African diaspora and about African diaspora people. Over time, the collection became so extensive that the library decided to call it the ‘Alice and Lionel Romney African diaspora collection’, named after the parents of Mrs. Mary Romney. Luckily, the whole collection was saved after the hurricanes Irma and Maria, and is on display in the library again.

This year, she is finalizing her own book about her father’s experiences during World War II. The book is titled: ‘An African Caribbean in the NAZI Era – From Papiamentu to German’. The book describes his experiences as a political prisoner of war in Italy and during the last year of the war in Mauthausen concentration camp in Austria. She will present her book during the Black History month this February at the library. Once again, the library applauds its foreign ambassadors.(On the picture from left to right: Mrs. Mary Romney, Mr. Pieter Lucas project manager, and director of the library Ms. Glenderlin Holiday)

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