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“AUC Body Smaart Health Section Collection” at Philipsburg Jubilee Library

— April 20, 2017

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The Philipsburg Jubilee Library and the American University of the Caribbean (AUC) launched on Saturday April 8th, 2017 their brand new collection of over 50 health books for a range of ages before invited guests,
“AUC Body Smaart Health Section Collection” at Philipsburg Jubilee Library
including Honorable Minister of Education Sylveria Jacobs, Honorable Minister of Health Emile Lee represented by the Collective Prevention Services department head Virginia Asin, Assistant Dean of Service Learning and Community Affairs PhD Golden Jackson and the AUC students along with Aukje de Jong OrganWise Guy library presenter. a display of a life-size human skeleton, life-size human torso with exposed and removable organs; a brain model; and a heart model.

The American University of the Caribbean’s (AUC) PhD Golden Jackson shared with us the AUC’s love for our community and our library by stating that they are really committed to developing lasting strong relationship with the St. Maarten community. The Body Smaart program is seen as a great opportunity for their students to enhance their learning and be able to apply their knowledge while give back to the students of St. Maarten that frequent the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.

After OrganWise Guys was introduced to various schools and afternoon school programs by CPS and the library’s Aukje de Jong, the students of AUC decided to give OrganWise Guys a St. Maarten touch. After Hillary Daughterty won the 2016 Karl Stockhausen award that came with a grant of $5000 to be used in the community, a brand new program“Body Smaart” was developed. This includes a more innovative program of activities, fresh air exercise and a walk through of our anatomy.

The Dr. Karl Stockhausen scholarship fund was established to help medical students who are driven to help others in their future profession or who may be facing obstacles in relation to becoming physicians. Karl Stockhausen was devoted to the physician’s profession. Tragically, he lost his life to cancer at the age of 28.

Both the Minister of Education and the Minister of Health, along with Collective Prevention Services, welcome this newest addition to our current collection and render their support to the AUC and the library for one hundred percent.

The love of books and literacy produces the passion that creates avid readers and lifelong learners. The ministers’ approach “From the cradle to the grave” focuses on instilling good healthy behavior and education, starting from in gestation, and making well informed choices from an early age. Alongside that is Minister Lee’s vision that coincides with CPS stakeholders’ that work needs to be done from ground level.

In Minister Jacobs’ address, it was said that exposing children to things in a healthy interactive way encourages children to retain what they’ve learned and make sound choices for their life styles. Every child that we touch can touch another and touch its family. Encouraging families to come into the library and make a difference within their lives and the life of their community. The Minister went on to say that the library plays a very important role in educating the community, especially when finances are an issue. Having tangible literature and or materials at hand for the very young and all ages is the key to keeping our community growing and developing. And keeping these types of programs sustainable. It is no longer a project but a sustainable program.

All schoolboards will be receiving letters shortly requesting inclusion of the anatomy in their curriculum and also encouragement of the students to make usage of the library on a regular basis.

Body Smaart complements the “Education on the move” campaign of the Sint Maarten Government, which seeks to advance the state of education, culture, youth and sports on Sint Maarten. Body Smaart is a prime example of “Education on the move” and is a collaboration with the community, education and public health.

Along with the “Education on the move” program we have to start to appreciate education on all levels and see our input in it. AUC students saw it fit to give back to the community and it’s encouraged for all of our businesses to also get on board and book the results of having a better community.

Minister Silveria Jacobs and Minister Emil Lee congratulated the library and the AUC on helping this project take flight and make it alive. This has a positive influence on our youth, our population and makes St. Maarten a better place.

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