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Back to the roots

— January 13, 2020

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Long-time, children’s librarian from Brooklyn New York visited the Philipsburg Jubilee Library during her short visit to Sint Maarten. Mrs. Vikki Hill is the granddaughter of the late Mrs. Victoria Ellis, who used to live in Middle Region.
Back to the roots
Mrs. Vikki Hill lived her whole life in the States and comes since 1973 on a regular base to Sint Maarten to visit her family and to come back to her roots. After 33 years working as a librarian, she is retired now. This time she came with a special mission; to support the library. She was impressed with the effects hurricane Irma had on the library’s building and functioning and applauded the staff for its strength to continue delivering services even on such a limited scale. While walking through the library, she immediately scanned the need of the library for a more up-dated youth encyclopedia. The present one is from 2008! When leaving, she promised to continue to support the library from her hometown New York. The library feels honored to have ambassadors like her around the world.(On the picture from left to right: Ms. Glenderlin Holiday, director of the library; Mr. Pieter Lucas, project manager of the library; Mrs Vikki Hill, mecenas to the library)

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