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“Book presentation of “Childhood Cultures series:

— December 1, 2017

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Bouba & Zaza” to the Philipsburg Jubilee Library by Secretary General of the Sint Maarten National Commission for UNESCO, Ms. Marcellia Henry”
“Book presentation of “Childhood Cultures series:
November 20th, 2017, was the United Nations convention on the Rights of the Child. In commemoration of the UN observance the Secretary General of Sint Maarten National Commission for UNESCO, Ms. Marcellia Henry presented to the Philipsburg Jubilee Library’s Director, Mrs. Monique Alberts and Children’s Librarian and Public Relations Officer, Maryland Powell, 12 books from the book series “Childhood Cultures: Bouba & Zaza” to circulate to the community at large. The Association for the Development of Education in Africa (ADEA) and UNESCO’s Regional Office in Dakar describes the book series Childhood Cultures as “an intergenerational African series of children’s books”.

Through the experiences of the main characters Bouba and Zaza, the series seeks to develop life and socialization skills outside the family context among children. It is also aimed at parents, teachers, care takers and mentors. The lesson and concepts include various topics as the issue of water resources and environmental protection; the HIV/AIDS pandemic; saying No to sexual advances; and moral values. The Series are designed to assist communities and their children to discussion and find proper solutions for these problems. Addressing these spoken and unspoken topics will help the community and children to better adapt to their environment. The books assist with the improvement of children’s communication skills, their sense of responsibility and their ideas of justice. The 12 books received from UNESCO representative Secretary General Ms. Marcellia Henry, covers concepts and themes that are universal and not specific only to an African setting. These topics are affecting lives worldwide, in the nearby Caribbean and of course Sint Maarten. Secretary General Ms. Marcellia Henry stated “as our cultures are entwined we can relate to some if not all these issues that the series “Childhood Cultures” discusses”. “Bouba and Zaza” bridges the gap between schools, family and the local environment. The experiences encourage dialogue and discussion of current topics that are important but sensitive. As we stay abreast of current events on our island, promoting literacy and knowledge and reaching children from all walks of life this series was gratefully received and is now available to the public at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library. Do look forward to the book reviews that will shortly be forth coming in the media. Photo Caption: (L-R): Director Mrs. Monique Alberts, Public Relations Officer, Maryland Powell and Secretary General of St. Maarten National Commission for UNESCO receiving copies of the books “Childhood Cultures: Bouba & Zaza”

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