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“Book presentation of “Dialogue from mind’s heart to yours” to the Philipsburg Jubilee Library

— August 28, 2017

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Trinidadian native and inspirational author of “Living Through 2016: Beyond Fiction” J. K. Pascall recently presented his newest book entitled “Dialogue from mind’s heart to yours” to the Public Relations Officer of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library, Maryland Powell, to circulate among the community of St. Maarten.
“Book presentation of “Dialogue from mind’s heart to yours” to the Philipsburg Jubilee Library
It was J. K. Pascall’s greatest pleasure to offer these two copies of his latest endeavor to the library. Mr. Pascall launched his former book at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library on 18th January of this year. Pascall stated “his experience found on St. Maarten was very rewarding, successful, and warm. The response to “Living Through 2016” was fantastic and he felt energized and inspired after leaving St. Maarten to delve in to his newest creativity “ Dialogue from mind’s heart to yours”.

Pascall felt the need to communicate both ideas and emotions via a different type of genre; poetry. By peeling back the skin of the onion which led Pascall to the need to express himself and to reach out to other persons becoming a beautiful experience as he shared parts of himself in the collective consciousness of poetry. The snap shots of experiences make the poetry genre very effective. It was a fun filling project and Pascall is happy to share the celebration of sight, feeling and knowing all wrapped up in one not only in his home town, also spread locally for the St. Maarten readers.

JK Pascall also stated that he likes the idea of his book being available to the public which he hopes enhances the wonderful relationship that the community of St. Maarten has with their library. These books were gratefully received and are now available to the public at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.

All of J. K. Pascall books his newest “Dialogue from Mind’s Heart to yours” and his previous “Living Through 2016: Beyond Fiction” is now available at your library through library check out Photo Caption: (L-R): Trinidadian native and Inspirational Public Relations Officer, Maryland Powell receiving copies of the books “Dialogue from min’s heart to yours”

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