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Book Week 2020: Monday, October 19 – Friday, October 23

— October 15, 2020

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Book Week
Children’s Book Week originated from early 1900 in the belief that children’s books and literacy are life-changers. Reading books provides new experiences, awareness building about the world outside the home; improves communication, building a greater vocabulary, speech patterns, and enunciation; improved concentration, storytime providing an ideal incentive to build concentration; and. a lifetime love of books!
Book Week 2020: Monday, October 19 – Friday, October 23
The theme of World Book Week this year is: ‘Share a million stories’. That is exactly what we do when we are reading a book. Share all those beautiful stories that lead you to places you have never been, that place you in the body and mind of someone else; whether it is another child, a hero, or even an animal. Those stories excite your fantasy, make you learn about other cultures, other behaviors, and even other places in the universe.

Currently, the world is very occupied with COVID19, newspapers, social media, TV-channels, radio programs, even in your school the main subject is COVID19 and everything that comes with it. Almost everything is closed or postponed; no sports, movies, in-person classes, birthday or sleepover parties; BORING. How nice would it be to escape from all of that, to just relax without worries? Is this possible? The answer is: YES. ChooseYour library has a lot of stories to tell. There is a collection of books on the shelves, waiting for you. Just visit your library to borrow the ones of your choice. In this article, you will find some tempting book reviews. And there is more. Being or just becoming a member gives you access to your digital library. Through the year we have new arrivals. The most recent e-books are listed in this article. If you need help accessing your digital, please do not hesitate to contact your library.

The old days
Over the years, the Philipsburg Jubilee Library (PJL) celebrated Book Week. Going back to our archive, we found annual reports about Book Week every year. In 2002 the theme was ‘Ay ay Captain’. That was also the year that different authors of children books, visited all the schools to read their latest book. Of course, during that celebration, there were balloons and a drum band; a nice party with an official opening. Your parents might remember that Book Week.

Program 2020
Again, COVID19 forces your library to have a different kind of party. On Monday, October 19, 2020, there will be a virtual opening. This year's Book Week theme is: “Anytime, any place and any book”. Our Minister of Education, Culture, Youth, and Sports, the Honorable Drs. Rodolphe E. Samuel, an educator himself, will open the Sint Maarten Book Week 2020, followed by a speech from the director of the PJL, Ms. Glenderlin E. Holiday. There will be musical entertainment from Shabba. This will be on our website and Facebook at noon.

On Tuesday, October 20, 2020, Mrs. Greta Marlin, one of our well known local authors, will read her book ‘Hoppy Bunny and The Hopping Competition’ from 2006. This will be on our website and Facebook at noon.

On Wednesday, October 21, 2020, there will be a demonstration on how to make a bookmark. Ms. Melackia Spencer will guide you via another post on our website and Facebook at noon.

The whole week we have an open house between 9 am and 5 pm There is a special table for children’s books and of course, all staff is ready to assist. A special request was sent to five invited schools to select three students to send in a drawing depicting the theme “Anytime, any place and any book” and interested students are encouraged to submit selfies that show him/her reading a book. The book week lasts until October 23, 2020, which does not mean that the reading stops on that date. New Story HouseFor the ones that remember the old library building, that was destroyed by the hurricanes Irma and Maria, you know that your library used to have a lot of space to store all those beautiful and exciting stories hidden in books. The good news is, that your library is working on a new building or maybe better: a new story house. This story house will not only be the place where books are stored but more importantly a house where the stories happen. It will be a house full of history, arts, culture, knowledge, and presented as an experience. The PJL hopes to combine the opening of that story house with the celebration of its centennial jubilee on November 23, 2023.

Your court
The initiative is in your court now. Come visit the library to become a member, select and borrow some books, follow our social media posts, download your favorite ebook, and most of all: ALLOW YOURSELF TO ESCAPE AND ENJOY YOUR STORIES.

Contact information
Our contact information: Walter. JA Nisbeth Road # 3 (above Adolphus Richardson), Phone:+ 1 721 542 2970, Website:, Facebook: stmaarten.

Pjlibrary, Twitter: sxmlibrary.

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