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Children’s book author Elle and Erik

— March 14, 2012

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On Saturday March 17th at 11.00 pm Children’s book writers Elle and Erik will visit the Philipsburg Jubilee Library to read from their books Elle and Erik have been writing children’s books together since 1990. They also write songs, rhymes and lyrics for magazines. They have a daughter, Anna (1990) and a son, Lot (1992);
Children’s book author Elle and Erik
together they live in a house with a small garden with lots of rabbits and guinea pigs.

They work at home in their spacious, sunny office in the attic or at the kitchen table near the espresso machine. If they have been silent too long they walk to a cafe in the city and write from there or they walk through the Oisterwijk forests with a notebook in hand. Elle van LieshoutElle studied for two years at a teaching academy, and then she studied pedagogy. She gave Dutch to refugees, cooked in an organic restaurant and worked in a health food store. Elle has expanded to their small garden to a large garden with many flowers, fruits, vegetables and herbs. She prefers to work every day. And again she talks about how she loves walking, where it is quiet, cooking, reading. And she loves to listen to a washing machine and then that sweet smelling, fresh laundry, hanging.

Erik van OsErik trained as a nursery leader and studied Dutch for a few years. He has worked with toddlers, as a bridge operator, a puppeteer, a health educator and as an editor at a children's magazine. Erik sings and plays guitar. He likes to talk for hours about poetry. He enjoys good movies, good books and beautiful mountain walks, as long as he does not need a cable car.

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