The Library celebrates its 100th anniversary!

Friends of the library Foundation

— April 13, 2012

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The Philipsburg Jubilee Library plays a vital and pivotal role in the St Maarten society. In this – the infor­mation age – one needs to know where the required information – be it in books, on CDs, DVDs, or via the Internet – can be found. The hot point to information access is the library.
Friends of the library Foundation
The library has as one of its major points of dedication, to supply information and knowledge to all, including those who have no, or limited access to computer facilities and/or Internet Visitors to the library can study, read news­papers, and/or magazines, browse through local information, use computers, and surf the Internet.

In addition to this, the library also boasts a relatively vast collection of books, for adults and children. To stimulate the fun of reading among the young the library has established a wide range of special reading programmes and making these available at designated intervals.

The Caribbean collection entails all material relevant to St Maarten and the neighbouring islands. The bookmobile service ensures that all pri­mary school children have access to the fun of reading. The library, however, wants to do more. The library is a vibrant and dynamic institu­tion that is constantly seeking to expand, improve and innovate its services. The library receives a monthly subsidy from the Island Government. This, however, has proven to be insufficient to carry out the determent. Consequently the Foundation Friends of the Library Foundation was established. The foundation supports and assists the library whenever, and wherever possible.

Friends are there to help each other! The purpose of the Friends of the library Foundation is 1. to draw attention to the needs and wants of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library;2. to stimulate, accumulate, and manage gifts and donations to the Library; support and work together with the Library, in order to further enhance and develop the Library’s services. Are you interested?• If you believe that it is important that every one is entitled to have free access to information?• If you think that the library services are important in the development of St Maarten and its people?• If you are convinced that our children need additional reading possibilities, as well as the enticement to make use of these.

Then you should become a Friend of the library! • By calling the library at 542-9819• By sending an E-Mail with your name, address and telephone number. We’ll then contact you. • By filling out the form on the right and dropping it off at the circulation desk of the library.• For additional information. or application, you may contact the Friends of the Library.• As a friend you will be informed about any new developments in the library. Yes.

I want to become a Friend of the Library.

LAST NAME FIRST NAME ADDRESS TELEPHONE NUMBER E-MAIL ADRESS Please fill out in block letters, and indicate your preference. ¦ Bronze $ 100.00 ¦ Silver $ 500.00 ¦ Gold $ 1,000.00 ¦ Platinum $ 2,500.00 Become a Friend of the library and make a contribution!

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