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Library closes off two successful summer camps

— August 12, 2015

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During the month of July, the library was home to a summer camp program for children and one for teenagers. Throughout the month the children took part in a reading program, as well as a great number of activities.
Library closes off two successful summer camps
This year the library’s teen summer camp had such activities as: poetry evenings, a game night, computer classes, reading books and watching movies. There were also sporting activities, such as Zumba classes and a hike. The summer program for the younger children had the following activities: storytelling, making clay animations in the Media Lab, getting educated about healthy eating in nutrition class, arts and crafts, music class, reading with a buddy and a spelling bee.

The program coordinators Maryland Powell and Melackia Spencer were very happy about how the summer program went and felt that it was a great success. They also look forward to hosting the same program next year again in the library. The library would like to thank the children who took part in the wonderful and educational programs.

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