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Library opens literacy helpdesk

— February 4, 2016

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On January 28th 2016 the Philipsburg Jubilee Library hosted the official opening of the Literacy Helpdesk, which is an initiative by SXM Reads.
Library opens literacy helpdesk
Ombudsman Nilda Arduin delivered the keynote address during the opening ceremony. She stressed the importance of literacy which is not only is not only a matter of reading and writing, but also includes other skills and knowledge, such as basic math’s skills, social skills and communication skills. The ombudsman commended the library for the opening of the helpdesk and stated that she would certainly refer her clients to the new helpdesk.

Literacy tutor Mrs. Merlese Lake as well as liteacy student gave emotional testimonials about their experiences with the adult literacy course in the past year.

The official opening act was performed by the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education Youth and Sports Ms. Jorien Wuite on behalf of Education Minister Mrs. Sylveria Jacobs.

The Helpdesk from now on will provide basic assistance to people in the community who may not have strong literacy skills. The assistance will include assistance with matters such as filling out forms, reading letters, etcetera.

The “SXM Reads” campaign was launched in May 2015 and is focused on promoting literacy and supporting people with low literacy skills. Literacy On an individual level adequate literacy is needed to participate, function and contribute to the community in an optimal way. On a community level, better communication, tolerance and understanding is needed for those whose lives are affected by low literacy skills.

The helpdesk will be open from 5 pm until 8 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and 10 am until 1 pm on Saturday. SXM Reads is proud to host this Helpdesk and looks forward to serving the community via the Literacy Helpdesk.

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