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Library staff are awarded with cataloging certificates

— April 2, 2015

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Three staff members of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library (PJL) were awarded with certificates for the completion of the Advanced e-course in Cataloging from the San Jose State University School of Information.
Library staff are awarded with cataloging certificates
Each year the Philipsburg Jubilee Library adds approximately 2000 to 3000 books to its collection. The books on offer meet the needs of the general public, whether they are searching for books to read in their leisure time or want to do research for school projects. In order to make it easier for the general public to find the books they need, library staff must catalog each book according to certain cataloging guidelines set forth by the American Library Association (ALA).

The certificates which were awarded were received by library staff members Irmin Hughes, Maryland Powell and Joy Lambert, after following a six-month course. The library staff members would like to thank Mrs. Ans Koolen, who assisted them during their course.

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