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Library’s Research Among Young Adults

— June 1, 2015

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Philipsburg Jubilee Library, with the assistance of a visiting student, has launched a 3 week survey in which 6 high schools have participated. Other participants included USM, a number of professionals within the field of education, and other libraries in the Caribbean.
Library’s Research Among Young Adults
Gilana Berry, a student in her 4th and final year of the bachelor’s program Communication Systems at the Hogeschool Utrecht University of Applied Sciences in the Netherlands, has been carrying out her 2 month communication research internship at the library. The research is investigating the needs of young adults as to how the library can accommodate those needs in the future. Berry has distributed self-administered, online, and email surveys to participants. The research also made use of interviews to gather information from professionals within the field of education. Berry soon hopes to share the results of the research once she has completed analyzing the findings for her thesis.

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