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Media Lab courses in the library

— June 2, 2015

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In the weeks of the 18th and the 25th of May the Media Lab in the Philipsburg Jubilee Library had a full schedule of computer workshops where people could come and learn about a variety of multimedia applications. These courses were taught by instructor Pauline Maas of the Netherlands.
Media Lab courses in the library
Pauline Maas has been working in the IT business for many years before becoming a media teacher. Since becoming an instructor Pauline Maas has developed a number of computer applications and wrote a series of books about the topics that she teaches. Some of the courses that she instructs include Gamemaker, Codekids and Media Literacy, just to name a few. After having taught at the Media Lab in Sint Maarten, Pauline Maas praised the island for its famous hospitality. She also noted the similarities between the younger generation in the Netherlands and Sint Maarten in their online use. “In both countries you see that children do the same things online and on their smartphones” she stated.

In the courses that were taught at the Media Lab participants could learn how to make games, play memory activities and make short film clips. In the course Codekids people taking part could also learn the basics of programming principles and explore their digital talents, using a tool that is easy to use and is yet very educational. Teachers from various schools also had the opportunity to learn in the Media Lab. During the Media Literacy course, teachers were educated about online safety. Aside from Media Literacy, teachers additionally learned about a variety of software applications that they could use in the classroom.

The Media Lab Sint Maarten is a part of the Digikidz project of the Foresee Foundation and is powered by foundation Cultuur Kameleon, coordinated by Mrs. Saskia Luckmann-Meijer.

If you would like any information about the upcoming courses you can contact the library via telephone number 542 2970 or visit the Media Lab website at

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