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New App Libby makes Library e books easy to use for all

— August 21, 2017

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Not everybody knows that since 2013 members
of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library can borrow almost 900 e-books and audiobooks free of charge via the website of the library. The e-book titles are provided by the US based company Overdrive. The e book service is quite popular among a small dedicated group of library members.
New App Libby makes Library e books easy to use for all
For those library users who find it difficult to download e-books via the Librarywebsite Overdrive recently launched Libby. Libby is a user friendly app whichmakes it possible to download e books in less than a minute by following a feweasy steps.

Apple users can download Libby via their the App store. Those with Androiddevices will find Libby on. Google play. Libby has a groundbreaking e bookreader and a beautiful audio book player. For more information and instructionsvideos about Libby visit library recently added some new titles to its e book collection among whichare bestsellers like “ Camino island ” by John Grisham and “ the handmaid’s tale ” by Margaret Atwood. Recent books by popular authors Danielle Steel and Nora Roberts among the new titles as well.

For more information about the libraries e-book service and Libby please contact the library via phone 542 2970 or e-mail

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