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Ovid medical workshop at the library

— April 7, 2015

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On Thursday, March 26th, the staff and management of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library (PJL) received a training on how to use a medical database, called Ovid, from the Wolters Kluwer company.
Ovid medical workshop at the library
Ovid representative, Diane Campagnes, was present to inform all staff of the library on how to use this incredibly useful database. The Ovid includes online medical e-books, scientific journals and a website with information about alternative medicine. The Ovid is not only useful for students and doctors. Anyone who may have or who may know a loved one with a certain medical condition and would like to do their own research into that condition can do so. In fact, most of the material is very accessible for the layperson. The Ovid website covers an extensive array of medical conditions. It even provides information about the scientifically proven effectiveness or ineffectiveness of alternative medicines or supplements and their possible interactions with other medicines.

For anyone who would like to do research into any medical condition, the Ovid is a must have tool. The library currently has a trial version of the Ovid and has plans to purchase the Ovid database for public use in the near future.

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