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Philipsburg Jubilee Library E-Reader

— May 5, 2020

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In response to COVID-19 mandates, teachers, students, and librarians globally are being forced to transition to an online environment, like many schools, libraries, and universities are going through this process.
Philipsburg Jubilee Library E-Reader
Through this transition, all parties within the educational system are being challenged to quickly adapt to this new environment, with librarians being responsible for ensuring all library resources are available from a remote location for its clients we at library would like to do what we can to help.

We believe that the library can help support research, discovery and learning during this time of crisis by making aware of the digital library. For the next two months, there will be no fees assessed for accessing the Digital library. We hope this will help researchers, readers and students maintain access to our online book Catalog as well as increasing visibility and awareness of the libby app. Please be sure to inform your family and friends, and PJL will continue that way through June 30, 2020.

This global health crisis is a unique challenge that has impacted many PJL members. We would like to express our concern and support for all who are affected by this outbreak.

The questions below will help us to assist you to gain access to the digital library. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you having any issues. Please fill in the online surveyEmail: Facebook:

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