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Philipsburg Jubilee Library Literacy Campaign: “What’s on your mind about Covid -19”?

— April 27, 2020

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The world-wide coronavirus outbreak is impacting us all. Most important in PJL literacy consciousness is, to know-how are our Sint Maarten’s children and youngsters experiencing the coronavirus crisis? It goes without saying, that their world has changed drastically by school closure, by social distancing, distance learning, zoom, and other types
of online meetings, restricted physical encounters,
Philipsburg Jubilee Library Literacy Campaign: “What’s on your mind about Covid -19”?
, hanging out with family and friends and having to STAY HOME. The reality of all fellow citizens is, that this invisible infection threat is affecting each of us in one way or the other. PJL in its quest to continue to promote literacy development among our youngsters, has decided to launch one of its scheduled programs for May and June called “PJL 2020 Literacy Campaign”. What makes our launch so exceptional is that this campaign has received full support from the Honorable Minister of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports, Drs. Rodolphe E. Samuel, who is also a very strong proponent of enhancing our youngster’s literacy development. The Campaign is in the form of a contest and in lieu of the current communication restrictions, we have decided to use this forum as the first medium to promote it. Additional details, will be communicated to the various School Management Teams of the Primary and Secondary Schools, whilst interested participants are hereby invited to start putting what is on their minds into draft form, so that it can be submitted based on the categories listed below. The subjects of the contest can cover any of the following experiences such as: How do you deal with the covid19 pandemic? How do you experience this whole new situation? What do you miss and what do you see as a gain? Do you have feelings of excitement, fear, joy, sadness, anger, loneliness, laziness, creativity, or is it just a dream? What are your thoughts, your challenges, ideas, inspirations, or intentions? How does it change your life? How will it change your future? The PJL is asking you to express yourself by means of the following assignment (divided per category): 1. Primary school students/ cycle 1 (4 – 8 years old): Make a drawing, or a rhyme, poem, riddle, or any other verbal expression.2. Primary school students/ cycle 2 (8 – 12 years old: Write an essay, poem, story, songtext, or any other verbal expression.3. Secondary school students: Express yourself by means of the word, sound, and images or a combination of those(eg video, song, rap, dance, poster, blog, music, painting, picture, etc.). All applications are to be sent to before May 15, 2020. A selection committee will identify the most original, inspiring, and intriguing applications to be compiled and published in a book and /or in a video. Please, forward any questions or clarification needed to the same email above. PJL director, Glenderlin Holiday, and the Literacy Outreach Committee with the support of Drs. Rodolphe E. Samuel, Minister ECYS looks forward to your participation. PJL will also like to use this forum, to promote that our online reading service is up and running. And we urge all current members to activate their digital service. Interested non-members are also encouraged to contact us via the same email above for more information or visit our website or Facebook page stmaarten.

Pjlibrary. Please, do continue to stay safe and adhere to Government instructions.

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