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Philipsburg Jubilee Library’s Power of Knowledge Series

— June 10, 2017

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present “The Change your Life style Essential Oils in and around your home” with Christel Horst”
Philipsburg Jubilee Library’s Power of Knowledge Series
The Philipsburg Jubilee Library presents the journey of Christel Horst a faithful user and lover of Essential Oils. Christel Horst will be presenting under the Power of Knowledge Series 2017, “Change your Life style: Essential Oils in and around your home”. This informational event will be held on Thursday June 15th at 6.30 pm to 7.45 pm. Christel Horst a mother of three and a social worker by profession currently working as an activity coordinator at the White and Yellow Cross took a journey with Young Living Essential Oils. This began exactly a year ago in June of 2016. Christel is by no means a doctor, nor can she treat or heal anyone. However, she feels the need to share her experience and acquired knowledge about Young Living Essential Oils with the community at large. Christel shared her testimony that when her twin boys turned 4, who both had a reflux and eczema their whole lives, she noticed that the effect of the medicine they got was minimal, but the amounts of chemicals and hormones were very high. She did not feel comfortable giving it to them anymore after doing some research. They also had a very hard time falling asleep and sleeping through the night. After speaking with a lifelong friend from Belgium concerning her twins’ health issues, Christel was introduced to Young Living Essential Oils. It changed her life and trust me, after 4 years of non-sleeping kids, Christel was ready for a Life style change! Christel is so happy that she took the chance and tried these oils. There is no sign of eczema left at this point, since last year June, and her twins are sleeping much better than before starting using the oils. Christel is sleeping much better as well knowing that she is not poisoning her family anymore with all the chemicals in regular medicine, cleaning products, skin care products, etc… Through its Power of Knowledge Series, the Library hopes to bring awareness and alternatives through various subject matters and empower the community of St. Maarten to become critical thinkers in their health, surroundings and environment. Christel Horst will explain how she got in touch with Essential Oils of Young Living , why these oils, and why people should stop using their “regular” chemical products and replace them with these non-chemical natural oils. Participation will be encouraged from the audience as persons will have the opportunity to ask related questions and experience the oils for themselves with the possible intent to changing their life style in and around their homes “The Change your Life style Essential Oils in and around your home” with Christel Horst” information session will take place this Thursday June 15th, 2017, time 6.30pm sharp to 7.45pm at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library.

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