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Poetry, computer workshops and hiking for teens this summer at the library !

— June 18, 2015

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The Philipsburg Jubilee library is organizing a vigorous and entertaining summer camp for teens aged 14 to 20, with several weeks packed full of fun-filled activities. If you don’t want your teenaged child to stay at home during the summer or if you’re a teen who wants to do something cool during your summer vacation, come and enroll yourself or your child for the library’s teen summer camp.
Poetry, computer workshops and hiking for teens this summer at the library !
The summer camp will have such activities as: poetry evenings, a game night, computer classes, reading books and watching movies. There will also be a chance to get active with Zumba classes and a grand hike.

At the summer camp, before taking part in the poetry evening, the campers will spend time learning about poetry, as the expression of feelings and ideas through words, and embracing the meaning of those words. The artistic expressions will culminate in a poetry evening where teens, whether they are just beginning to write poetry or are more advanced, are welcome to partake in and enjoy the experience of sharing their poetry with one another.

The summer camp’s game night will provide a space for teens during the summer to engage in an entertaining and amicable tournament. Those taking part can exhibit their game talents at monopoly, checkers, chess, dominoes, connect 4, playstation 3 and much, much more.

During the computer courses, teens can learn how to create videos and presentations. At these workshops you can learn how to produce impressive works of digital art that you can use for your presentations at school next school year or you can post them on your Facebook page and impress all your friends.

After a month packed with activities and learning new things, the schedule of events will lead up to a grand nature hike. At the end of a morning of hiking, the campers will also enjoy the pristine waters at Little Bay and make a stop at Tiki Hut Snorkel Park. The Red Cross will be on hand at the activity to ensure that it is safe. The day after the grand hike the camp activities will come to a close with a movie viewing at the Megaplex.

The library’s summer camp will be a great opportunity to broaden your horizons, make new friends and share a wonderful experience with other teens. During this summer, aside from the program for teens, there will also be the regular summer camp geared toward a younger group of children aged 6 to 13. The schedule of events for the summer camp for the younger children is currently in the making and will be announced shortly. Registration for the teen summer camp and the children’s summer camp is currently open. Sign up now by calling librarian Maryland Powell at 542 2970 or email to

Photo caption: Youngsters on stage at one of the programs that the library offers that is geared toward teenagers. The library is now broadening its services to teens by organizing a new summer camp especially for teens, where they can be active, learn new things and make new friends.

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