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Power of Knowledge Series Christel Horst a lover of Essential oils presentation was a success

— June 22, 2017

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On Thursday June 15th, 2017 Christel Horst presented to the interested audience of the Power of Knowledge Series of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library, her journey and testimony into discovering the benefits of oils that assisted her with her lifestyle changes in and around her home.
Power of Knowledge Series Christel Horst a lover of Essential oils presentation was a success
Christel Horst began her journey with Young Living Essential oils a year ago. Christel is by no means a doctor, nor can she treat or heal anyone.

However, the mother of three and a social worker by profession, currently working as an activity coordinator at the White and Yellow Cross, that took a journey and felt the need to share her experiences with the community, hence her presentation via the Power of Knowledge Series. Christel presentation was to empower and educate the community about the most powerful part of the plants, trees shrubs etc. Over 100 natural organic compounds that can support one’s body with hormones, brain health, healthy weight, emotions, stress and more. In the presentation Christel went further to say that one doesn’t need to be an aroma therapist to use oils. The information on the effective methods and usage from ingesting, applying topically to diffuse, and inhaling that will be most beneficial to you and your home was relayed. “It is time to kick chemicals to the curb!”, Christel stated that “only you can control what you allow across the threshold of your home or into your body”. The audience welcomed Christel Horst is presentation, they were quite interactive and interested in the obtaining of knowledge on how to change their lives with the usage of oils. This became apparent with the many requests Christel received during and after her presentation.

One interested participant stated that “it is good to know that you can live a healthy lifestyle based on the benefits that the each and every oil on their own possesses”. Through its Power of Knowledge Series, the Library hopes to bring awareness and alternatives through various subject matters and empower the community of St. Maarten to become critical thinkers in their health, surroundings and environment. Christel Horst will be back at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library to do more in-depth lectures such as for example, how to transform your medicine cabinet, how to raise your children in a more chemical free way and also a make and take session to look out for: part II of change your lifestyle with oils Power of Knowledge Series informational sessions.

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