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Readers Are Leaders

— March 29, 2012

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Academy has done it again!!!! Tonight, Cookie Lilawatee walked away with the top prize in the Readers Are Leaders program. Congrats and enjoy your new laptop. Also carting away a laptop was Jenice Forbes .

She was nominated because of her exemplary academic performance and outstanding poetry skills.
Readers Are Leaders
Keep it up girls. I am sooooooo proud of thes students. Congratulations to the winners of the Reading competition. From the St Maarten Academy: Cookie Lilawatee (A laptop computer),Fatima Karim (a Kindle fire), Jenice Forbes (A laptop computer), The St. Dominic High: Isaac Escallier (a Kindle fire), The St Maarten Vocational Training School: Johnny Elizee (A laptop computer) and Tamika de Weever (A Kindle fire)

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