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Recreation Month JULY 2021

— June 29, 2021

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This year’s annual “Recreational Program”, will be held throughout
July 2021 currently registration is open to the public.
The activities that the general public can take part in during this program consist of Zumba, a Puppet show, Physical fitness, Cycling and much more.
Recreation Month JULY 2021
Moreover, the program is for all ages. The main goal of this year’s recreational program is to attract visitors to the library and motivate persons to participate in recreational activities, as well as to improve their health, mental awareness, and social aspects of life in an enjoyable way. Participation is FREE!!! Due to limited space, for the recreational programs, the PJL requests that those who want to participate to register in advance. Please follow the link below to register. Library Membership is of course recommended. Come out and join us in these wonderful events. Our contact information: Phone: + 1 721 542 2970, Web-site:, Facebook: stmaarten. Pjlibrary, and Twitter: twitter@sxmlibrary.

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