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Sint Maarten’s library provides training to Bonairean library staff

— December 21, 2015

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Staff of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library over the past two weeks have been providing training to library staff from the library of Bonaire, or the Bibliotheka Publiko Bonaire. Four staffers were sent to learn about all aspects of operations at the Philipsburg Jubilee Library
Sint Maarten’s library provides training to Bonairean library staff
The Philipsburg Jubilee Library, as an established library for more than ninety years was proud to provide training to its colleagues of Bonaire. The Bonairean library is currently upgrading their library by implementing an online cataloging system, which requires that its workers receive training in the online KOHA library cataloging system. The visiting library staff members of the Bonaire library, Johaila Sint Jago, Misorgia van Langeveld, Dorothy Cicilia and Ludnel Bernabela, also were trained in all other aspects of library procedures and services at the Philipsburg library, such as the workings of the Circulation and Information desks, among other things.

Johaila Sint Jago has been working at the Bibliotheka Publiko Bonaire for nearly 30 years and was very enthusiastic about experiencing Sint Maarten and its public library. When asked what her overall experience was at the library and of Sint Maarten, Johaila Sint Jago said “I think the people are very friendly. Learning about the KOHA cataloging system was a good experience for us, because it teaches us how we can improve in Bonaire. I also like the Medialab and I would like to do things like that in Bonaire. It was also very good to experience the reading activities for children”. The Philipsburg Jubilee Library looks forward to more training opportunities with the Bonairean library in the future.

Photo caption: Philipsburg Jubilee Library staff with two of the visiting Bonairean librarians. Second and third from left, Ludnel Bernabela and Dorothy Cicilia

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