The Library celebrates its 100th anniversary!

Your home away from home; even virtual

— September 2, 2020

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Your home away from home; even virtual
Importance of reading
It was in the year 1923, that Queen Wilhelmina celebrated her silver jubilee. In the same year, the founders of the Library recognized the necessity and importance of reading by all.
Your home away from home; even virtual
Hence, the name Philipsburg Jubilee Library (PJL) was established. Ever since, the PJL has been actively supporting reading, reading skills and literacy. Since the inception, the focus has been on children and youth in such a way that it appeals to them.

House filled with storiesIf your school is your second home, then for sure the library is your third home! The Philipsburg Jubilee Library is a house filled with stories. Behind each title of a book there is a world of knowledge, information, adventures and dreams hidden. There is always something new to experience. Reasons to readWe already hear you thinking: “What are the benefits to read a book?”. That is a very good question. Let’s just list some of the reasons to read. You will:learn more words and it helps you to become a better communicator;develop a better focus which will strengthen your attention span;improve your imagination;improve your knowledge and memory;become a more exciting person to talk with;reduce your stress;have fun at any time of the day and at any place you go. E-books on-lineOf course, the library understands that you have a preference for devices. That is why we started with the expansion of the digital library. Now, you can make a selection from a huge collection, order your e-book on-line and read your book wherever you go and whenever you want on your favorite device. Nobody even needs to know that you are reading your book. You can even suggest us to order specific e-books you would like to read. Ages 0 to 5 years’ youngWhat else does the library offer you? Our annual “Read to me program”, this program is divided in a section called ‘Raising readers” and a section called “Creating readers”. The Raising readers (age 0 – 5) consists of actual on the spot story telling at the library and virtual story telling on Facebook. Play-schools are invited to visit the library on Wednesday mornings to participate in the story telling for these young students and enjoy: sing along songs, book-reading, and color painting together with your school friends. Since May this year virtual story-time for this same age group is posted on the PJL Facebook every Wednesday at 10 am So, even when you are not visiting the library you can still enjoy our stories. And, also very exiting is that when you visit the library with your parents there are a lot of books for you in the Baby- and Toddlers (BT) collection. We have a special baby- and toddler area and children’s section. Primary school studentsThe Creating readers section for primary school students (5 years and up) also has a virtual story-time program which started in May this year. Every Saturday at 11 am During this time a special book will be read and illustrated especially for you. This is just a small illustration of the many exciting books you can get at the library. Most important of course is that you are also welcome to visit the library alone or together with your friends or parents. At the library we can guide you to the right necessary resources for your school projects, you can do some internet search or you can just sit down, relax, and read a book. Or, use our internet and free WiFi. Secondary school studentsSecondary school students are also welcome to work on their school projects, borrow exam or any other books or also just sit down, relax, and read your book from the youth (C) selection or your favorite magazine, such as J14 or National Geographic. Our staff is always available to assist you to find what you need. Via our website and Facebook page, other social media we also keep you posted on new arrivals and book reviews. That will help you to make your choice.

Teenagers are also entitled to the adult collection of which we like to recommend the Alice Romney Diaspora Collection. And our Sint Maarten collection. Other fun thingsAs soon as we are in the safe zone of the COVID19 pandemic, the library will come back again with movie night every last Wednesday of the month at 6 pm and gaming night every first Thursday at 5.30 pm Through the year, we also offer special programs based on a certain subject or theme. For instance, throughout the month of October our focus will be on book week. You will find our complete year calendar and a lot of other interesting information on our website: Junior book clubsThis year the library has started discussions about starting a junior and a teenager book club in the school year 2020 - 2021. We would like to create a platform for any students that are interested to meet and share their experiences about books they read. We can even imagine that book clubs will become advisors in our book selection process for new releases. Rights and dutiesWe encourage all students to become a member of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library. How do you become a member.

Babies and toddlers, and students of the play schools and the primary schools pay no fee. They are entitled to 4 items from the physical library and 3 e-books or audio books from the digital library at a time. Of course, parents and/or guardians are responsible for the materials borrowed by their children and will have to sign an agreement to this effect.

High school students pay ANG 10.00 per year and are entitled to 6 books from the physical library and 3 e-books at a time. We are also preparing access to more than 10,000 Dutch book of the Kingdom Library online. High school students pay a onetime registration fee of ANG 25.00. How to request books.

Since May, 2020, all patrons can choose to come directly to the library to request books or you can submit your order through our website. Books can be borrowed for 3 weeks. E-books can be ordered via our website; you can place an e-book on hold when it is not available. Renewals of booksLibrary book renewals can be done also online or a simple phone call. You can renew three times, meaning that book can be borrowed for a maximum of 12 weeks. Renewals of membershipDon’t forget, when you graduate at the primary school and you move to the high school, to renew your membership. Also high school students should renew their membership after their graduation to become an adult member as from 20 years old. Opening hoursLast but not least, currently the library is open from Monday to Friday from 9 am until 5 pm and on Saturday from 10 am until 1 pm During visits all COVID19 prevention measures apply. As soon as we leave COVID19 measures behind us, we will be open again on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until 8 pm How to follow us.

Please follow us through:Address: WAJ Nisbeth Road #3, Philipsburg, St. MaartenWebsite: www.stmaartenlibrary.orgFacebook: twitter@sxmlibraryAnd, via our Sint Maarten news outlets. FutureThe board and management is currently researching the possibility to have satellites placed in some neighborhoods. This will make the library services more accessible to patrons and the community at large. Discussions to resume the preparations of a new state-of-the-art library have started and we are anxious looking forward to offer the public of St. Maarten and the region a one of its kind “National Cultural, Heritage and Knowledge Center”. A center that will house three entities under one structure and these are: the Museum, SIMARC and the Philipsburg Jubilee Library. Your input will be solicited and it is our hope to officially open its doors on November 23, 2023, together with the celebration of our 100th birthday.

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