The Library celebrates its 100th anniversary!

SXM Doet

— March 16, 2023

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SXM Doet gave birth to a mural. Bernica Michel designed for us a triptych with three generations of readers in the middle. On their right Pandora's Box opens, and spreading happiness over the world.
 SXM Doet
On their left side, a book is transforming into a flying brown pelican, seeking for new adventures. That is what reading does to us; we move into another world, we learn, we feel emotions, and we relax.
More than twenty-five volunteers spent their time helping beautify this wall. Our appreciation goes out to all of them; a job well done!
We also thank the SXM Doet-team,
Ms. Maryland Powell, Mr. Adolphus Richardson, and all other sponsors for their great support.

We can state, with certainty, that SXM Doet 2023 was a success. It also reminds us of the importance to spend time to improve the livability of our community.

We want to encourage everybody to come to see the result. You can combine it with a visit to the library to learn about the latest developments, grab a book, become a cardholder, renew your library card, work on your project, follow the historic markers of Sint Maarten in 3D, enjoy free Wi-Fi, read the newspaper, do your research, surf on the internet, and within short enjoy the latest version of your favorite magazine.
There is always something new at the library.

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