The Library celebrates its 100th anniversary!

"100 Years - 100 Facts" about the Sint Maarten Library part 1

— November 15, 2023

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As part of our ongoing efforts to engage and inform the public about the Sint Maarten Library, we're planning to share
10 interesting facts about the library each day from the 13th to the 24th of this month.
 100 Years - 100 Facts about the Sint Maarten Library part 1
This initiative aims to highlight the rich history, resources, and significance of our beloved library.

1. On November 23 rd, 1923 the Philipsburg Jubilee Library Foundation was founded, A group of active individuals from the Sint Maarten community recognized the importance of providing the population with the opportunity to access a library.
2. There was no permanent building at the time.
3. Miss Berthilda Carty and Miss Clemmy Carty, laid the cornerstone of the library on April 8, 1983.
4. On April 2nd, 1984, the library opened its door to the general public.
5. The library was situated in the cultural center.
6. Story time was done outside the library (cultural center) under a tree.
7. In 1995 the library sustained damage from Hurricane Louis.
8. In September 2017 the library again sustained major damage from Hurricane Irma.
9. The library moved to the Adolphus Richardson building in 2019.
10. The Sint Maarten library is still waiting for a new building for its 100 years.

11. Nov 2023 marks 100 years of existence of the library.
12. The library continues to function upstairs at the Adolphus Richardson Building, despite having the main location destroyed by Hurricane Irma.
13. Two additional satellite branches were opened to serve the population better: one in Cay Hill and the other in Belvedere districts.
14. The library maintains an online presence.
15. The library provides story time and other forms of entertainment for children on their online platforms.
16. There is public parking available at CH. E. Voges Street.
17. On May 11th, 2023, at approximately 2.00 p.m. local time, the former Philipsburg Jubilee Library location was engulfed in flames, prompting immediate action from the Fire Department to prevent the flames from spreading further.
18. The parking lot is used to host special events for the Library.
19. Throughout the years there has been volunteer reading at the library.
20. The library delivers educational materials to Day-care Centers, Primary and Secondary education.
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