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Behind the screens of the library

— March 8, 2023

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Professional all-round librarian Barbra Arrindell worked at the Sint Maarten Library for two years (2005 – 2007).
Behind the screens of the library
She did a lot of work in cataloging, which is a very tedious procedure in the task description of a librarian. She left back to the Netherlands the day before Mrs. Blanca Hodge went on pension.

Like Ans Koolen, she was not gone forever? No, Barbra Arrindell was always available at a distance to assist where possible. Since 2019, she has been one of the three selectors of e-books. She helped to build up the collection from about 500 e-books to more than 3,000 e-books.
While she came recently to Sint Maarten , she was instrumental in weeding the book collection and cataloging new books. Management and staff are very grateful to this always helpful library veteran.
One of the last straightforward words she spoke before she left was: “It seems that I am again leaving the day before the Director (red. Interim general manager) leaves”.

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