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Celebrating the Success of Legacy Reads for Black History Month 2024

— March 1, 2024

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The Black History Month is an international celebration originating in the United States, dedicated to commemorating Black excellence across various facets of our community.
Celebrating the Success of Legacy Reads for Black History Month 2024
Therefore, the Sint Maarten Library's Black History Month Observance 2024 joined this global celebration, recognizing and acknowledging the significance of the event while also honoring Sint Maarten's unique legacy.

From February 16 to February 29, 2024, the Sint Maarten Library virtually displayed daily on its entire social media platforms selected local legends sharing their selected short passages, listed in chronological order, to highlight the Black History Month Celebration 2024.

Ten literalists featured under the theme "Legacy Reads," built on the author's exposition by presenting their readings from 2023.

Drs. Linda A. Richardson read from her newly revised edition of academic works titled “Trilingual Terminology in Criminal Proceedings Dutch/ English/ Spanish”.

Linda Richardson in turned gifted a signed copy of the newly revised book to the library and the Sint Maarten community during her presentation on February 10th, 2024, in support of language rights of the people of Sint Maarten.

Leon Antoine Noel, an advocate of preserving age-old cultural practices and traditions for generations to come, is renowned for his poetry capturing the fauna and flora of Saint Martin. One of his notable pieces, "The Old House," is featured in his 2018 publication "Rhythm 'n' Sparks: A Collection of Poems."

Intended to stimulate the imagination, nourish the soul, and educate about this exotic land. Noel generously gifted a signed copy to the Sint Maarten Library and the community.

Emerging no-nonsense poet Tamara Groeneveldt who deals with the daily worries of being a woman, read, “Love, Peace, and Hair Grease” from her labeled best seller by the House of Nehesi Publishers “After the Storm.”

Joycelyn R. Hanley read, “It’s who I am”, from her 2019 debut collection of heartfelt poems from her book that is titled “Beneath the Surface”.

Veteran journalist, literary critic and author of “Claude – A portrait of power” among others Fabian A. Badejo read, from his 2018 published book of poems “Season of Storms” - “We are here, still!”.

Prolific artist, songwriter, dancer, choreographer, and lyricist, Clara Reyes utilizes her talent as a beacon of light. She is an interdisciplinary performing artiste and the author of the dissertation titled “From the People of Saint Martin, Ponum!:
An Emancipation Story.” Reyes sang the introductory song, “Run Lohkay Run,” for the opening of the Sint Maarten Library's Black History Month event "Legacy Reads" in 2024.
Additionally, she contributed her part to a collection of songs from the screenplay of Shujah Reiph’s play “Spitfire, the Lohkay Story of 2023,” including the song “Walking My Way to Freedom.” This contribution was part of the celebration of Sint Maarten’s Emancipation story.

Tamara Leonard author specializes in creating content specifically tailored for young readers to navigate the world with kindness, morality, and integrity. She is a Children's book author who not only read from her newly published book, "My Fruits of the Spirit Coloring Book," but also gifted an author’s signed copy of the aforementioned book, as well as "Enough is enough," to the youths of Sint Maarten. Both books engage young readers with age-appropriate stories that resonate with them.

Best supporting actor, best actor, and writer of embraced drama as his genre of choice, which earned his recognition as an actor, director and talented playwright Louie Laveist read Scene Four from his morality play “The house that Jack Built.”

Lysanne Charles, poet, activist, schoolteacher, editor, author, academic, enjoying the artistic part of her life, is a children's book writer. She read from her book titled “HER (E)” the selected poem “Then let me be brave!”

Life is a journey following his destiny, Rastafarian activist, musician, and farmer turned book author, Roland M. Joe, also known as Ras Bushman, read from his inspirational and insightful debut work, "Edification Time." Reading Rastafari for Life and blessed by the Divine!!! Blessings…” Ras Bushman generously gifted a signed copy, which holds undeniable power in his insight, once again, to the Sint Maarten Library and the community.

The library would like to take this time to show its appreciation not only to the ten selected 2024 honored literalists but also to the job trainee students from the Sint Maarten Vocational School who made it possible. Aramik Milton, the graphic designer of the promotional collage for the social media platforms and the invitations to the ten literalists; Syesha Alicunmes for setting up the Black History Month Legacy Reads exhibition; and Joshua Paul, the graphic designer of the appreciation certificates, who all deserve special recognition.

In addition, Quon Gordon, an aspiring singer and songwriter, engaged the authors in an interactive singing session rendition of “One Love,” a tribute to the great Robert aka Bob Nesta Marley, and for the modern audience, "Stand the Rain." by New Edition.

Sint Maarten Library Black History Month 2024: Passing on Our Legacy...LEGACY READS was successful in achieving its aim of sharing Sint Maarten's customs and traditions through cultural literature with the public. The event focused entirely on the accomplishments of our local community, encouraging authors to continue shining their light and inspiring the younger generation to embrace Sint Maarten's literary legacy.
There is power in books and in the words of the writers found within them.

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