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Cheryl Peltier and Eric Kokke Inspired the Sint. Maarten Library Staff with Engaging Presentations

— July 6, 2023

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The St. Maarten Library had the privilege of hosting two distinguished professionals, Cheryl Peltier from Trinidad and Eric Kokke from the Netherlands, who delivered captivating presentations to the library staff.
Cheryl Peltier and Eric Kokke Inspired the Sint. Maarten Library Staff with Engaging Presentations
Peltier shared her expertise on artificial intelligence (AI), while Kokke focused on tailored marketing strategies.

Cheryl Peltier, a recognized authority in the field of AI, presented an enlightening session titled "Artificial Intelligence in Libraries." With her extensive knowledge and deep understanding of AI technologies,
Peltier explored the transformative power of AI across various sectors and shed light on its specific applications within library environments. Her presentation sparked enthusiasm amongst the Sint. Maarten Library staff, who gained a deeper understanding of AI's potential to enhance library services and improve user experiences.

Eric Kokke, a Marketing Manager from the GO opleiding School for Information in the Netherlands, shared his expertise on "Marketing Strategies for Libraries in the Digital Age." Leveraging his experience in the marketing industry, Kokke provided valuable insights and practical tips tailored to the specific needs of the Sint. Maarten Library.
His presentation covered a wide range of modern marketing techniques, including digital marketing, social media engagement, and community outreach.
The Library staff were inspired by Kokke's ideas on effectively promoting the library, staff expressed their gratitude to Cheryl Peltier and Eric Kokke for their engaging presentations.

Both professionals not only provided valuable knowledge but also inspired the staff to explore new horizons and embrace innovative approaches in their respective areas of expertise.

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