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Children from the Summer Camp Creative Learning

— July 14, 2023

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Children from the Summer Camp Creative Learning Immerse themselves in the World of Books during their visit to the Sint Maarten Library
The trip to the library was aimed to promote a love for reading and foster a sense of adventure and exploration among the young participants.
A group of enthusiastic campers, ages 3 to 12, embarked on a captivating journey as they stepped foot into the Sint Maarten Library.
Guided by our librarians, the children were introduced to the vast world of literature, engaging their imagination and expanding their knowledge.

The librarians orchestrated an array of interactive activities, including storytelling sessions, transporting them to faraway lands and introducing them to remarkable characters.
The captivating stories of Stuart at the library and
Lizzy Lizard ignited the children's imaginations and left them craving for more.

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