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Children from the Summer Camp Educare

— July 14, 2023

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This summer, young adventurers from Educare had an exciting opportunity to explore the vast world of books and knowledge during their visit to the Sint Maarten Library.
Children from the Summer Camp Educare
The enthusiastic group of campers, ages 3- 5, accompanied by their dedicated camp counselors, set foot into the Sint Maarten Library, beaming with anticipation and curiosity.

They were welcomed warmly, by the library staff.
During their time at the library, the children had the opportunity to participate in some interactive storytelling sessions, where they had the opportunity to listen to enchanting tales brought to life by the librarians.

"We were thrilled to have the children from Educare Summer Camp join us at the library by fostering a love for reading and learning, we empower these young minds to reach their full potential and embrace a world of possibilities.

It was a delight to witness their enthusiasm and curiosity during their visit."

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