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Former Governor Eugene Holiday Launch New Book: Nation Building

— December 18, 2023

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Governor Eugene Holiday, a distinguished figure in St. Maarten, has recently unveiled his latest literary contribution to the community—a compelling and insightful book titled "Nation Building: Our Challenges, Resilience, and Responsibility"
Former Governor Eugene Holiday Launch New Book: Nation Building
During the event, Mr. Eugene Holiday personally signed copies of "Nation Building" for attendees, creating a unique opportunity for readers to connect with the author on a personal level. One of the highlights of the evening was the symbolic handing over of a signed copy to Mrs. Irmin Hughes Richards, the Head Librarian of the St. Maarten Library.

The St. Maarten Library, a vital institution in the community, serves as a hub for knowledge, culture, and community engagement. Committed to fostering literacy and intellectual growth, the library plays a crucial role in providing resources, programs, and events that enrich the lives of its patrons.

Mrs. Irmin Hughes Richards expressed gratitude for the donation of a signed copy of "Nation Building" to the library, recognizing the significance of such contributions in promoting a culture of reading and learning within the community.

Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs also made a donation of 2 copies to the Sint Maarten library demonstrating the collective effort to support and enhance the resources available to the community.
This collaborative effort between Former Governor Eugene Holiday, and Prime Minister Silveria Jacobs highlights the commitment to intellectual growth, cultural enrichment, and community development.

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