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Free copies of the “Caribbean Think Book” distributed to schools

— January 11, 2023

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In preparation for the Memorial and Liberation Day the library joins the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean countries to commemorate and reflect on the second World War by distributing over 700 copies of the “Caribbean Think Book”.
Free copies of the “Caribbean Think Book” distributed to schools
The books will be distributed to all primary school students of group 7.

Since 2018 the Nationale Comité May 4 and 5 send educational material for each student individually to have a personal copy of the “Caribbean Think Book”.

The Nationale Comité offers free workshops and training for the instructors to best guide their students in introducing the local history and the role that the Dutch Caribbean played during the aforementioned war.

The “Caribbean Think book” covers what happened in the Dutch Caribbean Countries and what were their consequences. Sint Maarten’s Students are challenged to reflect on the true meaning of freedom caused by the May 4 and 5 liberations.

The distribution of the “Caribbean Think Book” will take place from Monday, January 16 through January 20, 2023, during the morning hours to all primary schools.

The books serve as a precursor and preparation of the National Observation to May 4 and 5, 2023, Memorial and Liberation Day Celebration of the Netherlands and the Dutch Caribbean Countries being freed from the Nazi (Germany) occupation after World War II.

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