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Legacy reads featuring Drs. Linda Richardson

— February 13, 2024

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Linda Richardson has been active in education for over 40 years. Her career spans such positions as: Head of the Linguistic Institute, section Windward Islands;
Legacy reads featuring Drs. Linda Richardson
President of the University of St. Martin; Interim Head of the Insular Department of Education; co-founder and Director of St. Maarten Student Support Services in the Netherlands; Minister of Education and Culture and Women Affairs for the Netherlands Antilles, founder of the Qualichi Players, in no specific order.

As a linguist, Richardson has been a strong and outspoken advocate of mother-tongue education in the (former) Netherlands Antilles.
She is a sworn translator and interpreter for Dutch, English,

Spanish and Papiamentu with a vast experience in various fields. As such, she has close to 50 years of experience. Richardson
was awarded 2 honorary Doctorate degrees for her indelible contribution to education and the wider community.

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