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Legacy Reads featuring Roland M. Joe

— February 13, 2024

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Roland M. Joe, better known as Ras Bushman, was born in Curacao, 14th of July 1961. The 5th one of 8 siblings.
Studied technische school and finished it. From 1977 turned to Rastafarian, not knowing what was awaiting me.
Legacy Reads featuring Roland M. Joe
In this 21st century I realize it was before time.
Me being a Rastafarian activist, musician, farmer, business owner, and a Freedom Fighter. In 1985 I came to St. Maarten. to live with my grandfather.

I also had a musical recording and wrote a book, which I will be reading for Black History Month. It is a book of inspiration, motivation, and upliftment.

I am the owner of Freedom Fighters Ital Shack and the founder of the Freedom Fighters Rastafari Cultural and Musical Foundation which was established in 1992.

It is an honor that we can contribute to help make St. Maarten a more lovely place for us all to live in. Despite the culture, traditions, race, color, and gender, we all are ONE.

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