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Reliving the natural habitat

— February 7, 2023

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Pollution is a serious and the largest environmental topic worldwide. Kim saves the Ocean written by Sara Bharwani , a young entrepreneur, was published to combat the effects of what pollution is doing to Sint Maarten’s ecosystem.
Reliving the natural habitat
Most household waste ends up in the waterways of Sint Maarten, causing various types of pollution and eyesores.
The goal of environmental protection is to accomplish zero waste and we should gauge the youth in educating themselves toward a future society where products are used and reused from production to consumption.

On Friday, February 3, 2023, the Sint Maarten Library was invited to the soft launch of the book Kim Saves The Ocean. Ms. Bharwani's introduction speech was impactful, explaining Sara’s journey from start to finish. She left us with a quote that is believed to motivate others “It was a long process that required patience”. Shortly thereafter, various youngsters ages 4 to 8 sat intently listening to Clara Reyes's narration of Sara Bharwani’s first published book.

Ms. Bharwani later presented an author’s signed copy to interim manager Pieter Lucas for the community of Sint Maarten.
There will be an official launch at the Sint Maarten Library in March 2023.

Essentially everything can be used efficiently in many different ways. Let us Join Sara Bharwani’s vision, which encourages us to become like Kim, age 7, in cleaning our waterways and doing away with air pollution so that we can have a breath of fresh air.

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