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Roberto Celestino Arrindell

— September 6, 2023

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On behalf of the Sint Maarten Library Board and staff, we hereby send our sincere condolences to the entire family of the late Roberto Celestino Arrindell.
Roberto Celestino Arrindell
We come together to remember and honor the life of a remarkable individual who played an invaluable role in shaping the path of our beloved library.

Mr. Roberto Celestino Arrindell was a valued member of our library community. He made a significant contribution to the Sint Maarten Library, education, and culture for which he will be remembered. In 2019, the Sint Maarten Library honored him as one of our cultural icons.

As we join the general community reflecting upon the void left by Roberto Celestino Arrindell’s passing, let us remember the countless lives he touched, the stories he shared, and the knowledge he helped uncover. In every conversation about literature, in every program or event that inspired growth, Roberto Celestino Arrindell’s legacy will live on, whether in his poetry or his fine arts.

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