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Sint Maarten Library Distributes New Edition of the Caribbean Thinking Book

— April 12, 2024

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In preparation for the commemorations of May 4th Memorial, and May 5th Liberation Day,
the Sint Maarten Library has distributed over 1700 copies of the new edition of the Caribbean Thinking Book to all primary and secondary schools on April 10th and 11th , 2024.
Sint Maarten Library Distributes New Edition of the Caribbean Thinking Book
The Caribbean Think Book distribution was made possible by the collaboration of National Committee 4 and 5 May, in collaboration the Dutch Caribbean islands, the Culture
Kameleon Foundation, and stakeholders.

This latest edition, the third edition (2024) of the Caribbean Thinking Book has been specifically tailored for students aged 10-12, Carolien Keun has translated the book in English, offering content in their language of choice: English or Dutch, and potentially for grades 1 and 2 of Secondary Education.

Through the Caribbean Thinking Book, students delve into the local history of the Second World War, exploring events on the islands during that time, the individuals involved, and
the resulting consequences. By engaging with wartime narratives, students are prompted to reflect on the significance of peace and freedom in contemporary contexts.
The Caribbean Thinking Book is an educational resource filled with illustrations, captivating photographs, and compelling stories.

The committee encourages teachers to use an instructional film along with five digital lessons to explain how to integrate the Caribbean Thinking Book into classroom instruction. The material offers valuable insights for deeper learning, including access to online educational resources, websites, vlogs about Anne Frank, historical timelines tailored for children, and links to online videos featuring Caribbean war witnesses.

In the accompanying film material and, Catalina Lampe-Antonette, for instance, shares her memories of the moment when the war became a reality in Aruba. Izaline Calister recounts her profound experience of freedom.

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