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Successful completion of work experience at the Sint Maarten Library

— May 6, 2024

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Interns Aramik Milton, Sysesha Alicunmes, and Joshua Paul from the Sint Maarten Vocational School, alongside RyAngel Bryson from SVOBE Milton Peters College VSBO PKL/TKL,
have successfully completed their school-based assignment internships at the Sint Maarten Library.
Successful completion of work experience at the Sint Maarten Library
Yearly, the Sint Maarten Library provides invaluable practical work experience for students, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in the classroom and
real-world work scenarios.

This experience equips the interns with practical skills essential for success, skills often not exercised in academic settings.
Under the guidance of dedicated staff members, the four interns received personalized, in-person instruction tailored to their respective positions.

They not only gained critical library-related skills but also learned valuable work ethics such as administration,
customer service, and reception.

These skills are crucial for their preparation for future
workforce opportunities upon completing secondary education. The hands-on approach to instruction proved fundamental, as certain skills cannot be adequately acquired solely from textbooks through the hands-on approach to instruction.

Throughout their tenure, the interns demonstrated remarkable diligence, dedication, and teamwork.
Their commitment to their assigned tasks highlighted exemplary work ethics and a collaborative spirit.

Moreover, they exhibited exceptional adaptability, embodying an attitude of lifelong learning and service.

The interns' contributions have made a significant and lasting impact on our library community. We are confident that they will continue to excel in their future endeavors.

The management and staff of the Sint Maarten Library are very proud of the dedication and enthusiasm displayed by our interns throughout their internship.

For more information about the Sint Maarten Library's school based collaborative internship program and future opportunities, please visit

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