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The Butterfly StoryBook 2022

— January 31, 2023

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‘Ten stories of doing good, helping others by young, emerging writers in the Caribbean’, is what you find in this book with the title 'The Butterfly StoryBook 2022’ .
The Butterfly StoryBook 2022
The book, an award winning project of the Rotary E-Club of the Caribbean-7020, was recently released. Ms. Bonita Hart presented ten copies of the book to the Interim – manager of the Sint Maarten Library, Drs. P.D. Lucas.

The ten young writers, aged 9, 10, and 11 years old, represent The Cayman Islands, St. Croix, Bahamas, Jamaica, Anguilla, Tortola, and Sint Maarten. Sint Maarten's representative Luuk Vinke, who is nine years old and a student of the Sint Maarten Montessori School, wrote ‘The Island Hoppers’.

The book is about the best friends Liam and Jordan who have the experience of their lives by visiting different islands in the Caribbean during their summer holidays.

After visiting Saba, Statia, St. Barth, and Saint Martin, they realize that these are only a few islands of the Caribbean Archipel. They decide to find some extra jobs around the house to do more trips in the future.

All stories illustrate the beauty and richness of the Caribbean and the great diversity between the different islands and related cultures seen through the eyes of children.

The book demonstrates the importance to share those stories with other children in Sint Maarten, the Caribbean, and all around the world.

It will help them to have a better understanding of other cultures and learn them to accept and appreciate that.

This book is available to the general public.
You can visit us at any one of our three locations.

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