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Borrowing books

How can I borrow books?
To borrow books, you need a valid library card.

What is the loan period?
The loan period is three weeks.

What happens if I am late in returning books?
If you fail to return the book on time, a fine will be charged.

Where can I collect books that I have requested?
You will receive a notification of the location where you can pick up the book.

How long does it take before I can collect a book I requested?
You will receive a message when the book is ready for pick-up.

Where can I return books?
At any one of our locations!

Can I send a book I have borrowed back to you by post?

I accidentally handed in a book of my own. What can I do about it?
Lost materials will be kept aside for you at the Circulation service desk; you can collect it there.

How do I extend the loan period for my books?
The loan period is three If you wish to renew the library materials you have at home, please take note of the following:
— In order to renew materials, you need your "User ID" which is the same as the barcode on your library-card and you need a "PIN-code" of your own choosing. The first time you visit our online catalogue, your PIN-code is either 'changeme' or it is the pin you received upon registration. This pin can be changed to a pin you can easily remember: please contact the library.

How can I pay a fine or a replacement fee?
You can pay fines and replacement fees at the Circulation desk.

What do I have to pay if I lose a book?
If you lose a book, you will have to pay the cost price of the book.

What do I have to pay if I return books late?
If you fail to return a book on time, a fine will be charged.

I have received a reminder or fine for a book that I have already returned. What should I do?
Please contact the library at or call
1 (721) 542 2970.

Card & membership

Can I use my cellphone inside the library?
While libraries have a reputation for being quiet, we realize that cellphones are an important part of daily life and we ask that patrons respect each other with their cell phone usage. Please put phones on vibrate and leave the building to make calls if possible.

Can I become a member of the Library?
Yes the library is open to anyone. Children, High School students, teachers, adults, seniors, tourists and non-residents can become a member of the library. For more information consult our membership page.

How much does the membership/library card cost?
Check our detailed membership page.

Do I get access to digital collection if I become a Library member?
Yes, the digital collection is accessible to all library staff members.

How can I activate my library card so that I can request books?
You may visit the library at any one of our location to update your card.

I am a retired library member; do I still have access to the digital collection?
All retired library members will still have access to the digital collection.

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