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Borrowing books

How can I borrow books?
To borrow books, you need a valid library card.

What is the loan period?
The loan period is three weeks.

What happens if I am late in returning books?
If you fail to return the book on time, a fine will be charged.

Where can I collect books that I have requested?
You will receive a notification of the location where you can pick up the book.

How long does it take before I can collect a book I requested?
You will receive a message when the book is ready for pick-up.

Where can I return books?
At any one of our locations!

Can I send a book I have borrowed back to you by post?

I accidentally handed in a book of my own. What can I do about it?
Lost materials will be kept aside for you at the Circulation service desk; you can collect it there.

How do I extend the loan period for my books?
The loan period is three If you wish to renew the library materials you have at home, please take note of the following:
— In order to renew materials, you need your "User ID" which is the same as the barcode on your library-card and you need a "PIN-code" of your own choosing. The first time you visit our online catalogue, your PIN-code is either 'changeme' or it is the pin you received upon registration. This pin can be changed to a pin you can easily remember: please contact the library.

How can I pay a fine or a replacement fee?
You can pay fines and replacement fees at the Circulation desk.

What do I have to pay if I lose a book?
If you lose a book, you will have to pay the cost price of the book.

What do I have to pay if I return books late?
If you fail to return a book on time, a fine will be charged.

I have received a reminder or fine for a book that I have already returned. What should I do?
Please contact the library at admin@sxmlibrary.org or call
1 (721) 542 2970.

Card & membership

Can I become a member of the Library?
Yes the library is open to anyone. Children, High School students, teachers, adults, seniors, tourists and non-residents can become a member of the library. For more information consult our membership page.

How much does the membership/library card cost?
Check our detailed membership page.

Do I get access to digital collection if I become a Library member?
Yes, the digital collection is accessible to all library staff members.

How can I activate my library card so that I can request books?
You may visit the library at any one of our location to update your card.

I am a retired library member; do I still have access to the digital collection?
All retired library members will still have access to the digital collection.

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