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Decorating Candles

Decorating Candles

— Terry Taylor

Candles aren’t the sole of lighting for our homes anymore: the flick of a switch or twist of a dimmer knob provides any level of light we need. Today candles are serving with a different purpose. We use candles for celebrations, romantic interludes, devotion and worship, and brighten our living.
Arts & Entertainement Adults - Teenagers
Holiday Crafting & Baking with Kids

Holiday Crafting & Baking with Kids

— Jessica Strand

Holiday Crafting & Baking with Kids will bring the whole family together for some good holiday fun. Children ages four and up will love selecting their own materials and digging into these cheerful projects. There is something here for everyone and every winter occasion Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas, New Year’s, and Boxing Day! Step-by-step instructions, helpful templates, and color photos make it a cinch for little ones to follow al
Food & Cooking Adults - Teenagers
Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor

— Lisa Kleypas

On one rainy night, six-year-old Holly lost the only parent she knew, her beloved-mother Victoria. The last thing Mark Nolan needs is a six-year-old girl in his life.
Fiction - Romance Adults
The Christmas Shoes

The Christmas Shoes

— Donna VanLiere

Robert is a successful-attorney who has everything in life and nothing at all. Focused on professional-achievement and material-rewards, Robert is on the brink of losing his marriage. Eight year old Nathan has a beloved mother, Maggie,
Fiction Adults
A Season for Family

A Season for Family

— Mae Nunn

Texas cop Heath Stone knows what it's like to have no home or family. Once a foster-care kid, Heath now appreciates those who help others. Like Olivia Wyatt, the lovely young woman who opened a homeless shelter in a tough part of town.
Romance Adults
The First Cookie Club

The First Cookie Club

— Lori Wilde

The top rules of the First Love Cookie Club: No men. No kids. No store-bought. No gossip! And no one is going to keep rule #4 now that local-gal-made-good Sarah Collier has reluctantly returned to Twilight, Texas. The once-awkward teenager has become
Fiction - Romance Adults
The Best Thing about You is YOU!

The Best Thing about You is YOU!

— by Anupam Kher

Gems of down-to-earth wisdom for upgrading your life and finding inner bliss and tranquility, Bollywood superstar Anupam Kher plays a new role altogether: Using examples from his own life and experiences, he subtly motivates and inspires you by providing
Non-Fiction Adults
You Are What You Wear; What Your Clothes Reveal About You

You Are What You Wear; What Your Clothes Reveal About You

— Dr. Jennifer Baumgartner

Most every woman has found herself with a closet full of too many clothes or surrounded by brand-new items that somehow never get worn. Instead she gets stuck wearing the same few familiar pieces. What if you could understand your appearance as a representation
Non-Fiction - Social Sciences Adults
Makeup Manual

Makeup Manual

— Bobbi Brown

Bobbi's 25+ years of makeup artist experience is distilled into one volume that includes over 200 full-color photos and step-by-step instructions as well as a 'Ten Step Guide to Perfect Makeup' that teaches you how to apply your makeup in ten minutes or less.
Arts & Entertainement - Non-Fiction Adults - Teenagers
The Chemo Therapy Diet

The Chemo Therapy Diet

— Mike Herbert, ND

This book will change your prospective forever, on recovering from cancer. It provides excellent and sounds guidelines and protecting your immune system while under-going and recovering from chemotherapy. This groundbreaking book will help you conquer your fears and anxiety and replace them with healing and hope
Health, Mind & Body Adults
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