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Sins of the mother

Sins of the mother

— Victoria Christopher Murray

Jasmine Larson Bush is finally living a drama-free life. She’s left her stripper days behind and is standing by her husband’s side as the first lady of one of the largest churches in New York City. But just when Jasmine has committed her life completely to God, her daughter Jacqueline is kidnapped. The police and the church community join in the frantic search to find the 4 year old.
Fiction Adults
Paint with the watercolor masters

Paint with the watercolor masters

— Jonathan Stephenson

Paint with the Watercolor Masters is a step by step guide to materials and techniques for today’s budding artists, with 324 illustrations, 304 in color. It contains illustrated step-by-step demonstrations that encompass varied styles and technical approaches, and show exactly how to re-create the styles of the watercolor masters. An in-depth guide to materials explains how to choose the right ones and how to get the best results.
Arts & Entertainement Adults - Teenagers
Island Life: Inspirational interiors

Island Life: Inspirational interiors

— India Hicks and David Flint Wood

The very idea of life on a desert island appeals in one form or another to popular fantasy: the sea, the sky, the sand, the escape-from-it-all. Imagine the vibrant hibiscus and palm trees; languid cocktails taken on the verandah; the intense color and the sounds of the sea. India and David have redecorated houses and hotels, creatively mixed old with new, dark with light, East with West,
Arts & Entertainement - Non-Fiction Adults
The house of discarded dreams

The house of discarded dreams

— Ekaterina Sedia

A young college student, Vimbai, moves into a dilapidated house in the dunes and discovers that one of her new roommates has a pocket universe instead of hair, there’s a psychic energy baby living in the telephone wires, and her dead Zimbabwean grandmother is now doing dishes in the kitchen. Strange things start moving under the porch, as the house continues to grow and mutate, and creatures from African urban legends all but take over.
Fiction - Sci Fi & Fantasy Adults
The complete idiot’s guide to Facebook

The complete idiot’s guide to Facebook

— Joe Kraynak and Mikal E. Belicove

As the largest online social meeting place, Facebook enables millions of users to easily connect and stay in touch with friends and family all over the world. Everything you need to know about Facebook is here in one handy place. In this helpful guide, you get: All the ins and out of Facebook, from registering and setting up your profile;
Non-Fiction Adults - Teenagers
The great Egyptian grave robbery (Flat Stanley s worldwide adventures)

The great Egyptian grave robbery (Flat Stanley's worldwide adventures)

— Jeff Brown

Ever since Stanley was flattened by a bulletin board, there are places he can get to that no one else can. So when Stanley receives a letter from an archaeologist, he travels by airmail to Egypt to help find an ancient treasure deep in the heart of a great pyramid...
Fiction - Sci Fi & Fantasy Children
It is well with my soul: The extraordinary life of a 106-year-old woman

It is well with my soul: The extraordinary life of a 106-year-old woman

— Ella Mae Cheeks Johnson with Patricia Mulcahy

Ella Mae Cheeks Johnson is an inspirational, dynamic, and one-of-a-kind woman whose ordinary life has been nothing less than extraordinary throughout the course of her 106 years. Ella Mae is the child of former slaves who has experienced the best and worst of the past century - from the Jim Crow era to the 2009 presidential inauguration, which she memorably attended.
Non-Fiction Adults
Homemade: How to make hundreds of everyday products fast, fresh, and more naturally

Homemade: How to make hundreds of everyday products fast, fresh, and more naturally

— Readers Digest

Imagine having the recipes for many of the foods and goods you typically buy
at the supermarket, pharmacy, or discount store so you can make these products at home.
Now you can – with the help of HOMEMADE, a fantastic one stop source for making more
natural versions of your favorite brand-name grocery items.
Food & Cooking - Health, Mind & Body - Non-Fiction Adults - Teenagers
Color for Painters: A guide to traditions and practice

Color for Painters: A guide to traditions and practice

— Al Gury

Adding color to any canvas is both art and science. In fact, it’s a discipline that can be explored and
learned through the practical application of techniques. Color for Painters: Traces the use of color in Western
art from the classical world to the present; Explores the use and properties of various pigments and materials;
Arts & Entertainement - Non-Fiction Adults - Teenagers
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